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What Are Limit Switches? What Are Its Functions?

What Are Limit Switches? What Are Its Functions?

Limit switch is a term which is very widely in the electrical industry. So let’s talk about what is a limit switch and what is its function.

The purpose of limit switches is to automatically detect the presence and absence of a material or object. Limit switches are basically contact sensing device which is widely used for detecting the presence or position of objects in industrial applications. As the name suggests, limit switches also sets the limit as safety interlocks in order to prevent machine parts after a specific point. The switch controls the limit of the travel.

Functions of a limit switch and how does it work –

An industry-based limit switch features a mechanical actuator linked to a series of electrical contacts and when the target comes in contact with the actuator, the electrical connection with the within the switch either open or close the electrical connection. With the use of the mechanical movement of the actuator, the limit switches turn the electric switch on or off.

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As already mentioned that limit switch is very widely used tern industries, the most common of limit switch is during tallying materials. When the limit is reached, the switch closes or opens. Limit Switches are also widely used to prevent machine parts from moving any further when the specific point is reached. They can also be installed into machinery in order to control the instruments for standard operations or as emergency devices with the aim of preventing machinery malfunction.

Advantages of Limit switches –

  • The work well in any kind of industrial setting
  • They consume less power
  • They are simple to install, use and are very reliable
  • Can be used to switch multiple loads

There are various types of Limit switches, such as –

  • Snap switches
  • Heavy duty oil-tight switches
  • Gravity return switches
  • Safety locking and unlocking switches

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