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Did You Know There Is More Than One Hack For Using A Zip Tie?

Did You Know There Is More Than One Hack For Using A Zip Tie?

Given a situation, you need to pack a few things, and you find out the zippers are missing. How will you make use of the bag? Yes, duct tape can be a solution for binding things. But, today, let’s talk about another fixer that will not be sticky yet compact. I am talking about zip ties and how they can be used for different applications. 

In 1958 zip ties were invented for corralling airplane’s wiring. From then on, zip ties have made their place in different industries. The moderate pricing, ease of use, and extraordinary strength of zip ties have proved them to be valuable. Now, we will share with you some of the everyday use of a zip tie. Zip ties can be used residentially as well as in the retail and industrial sectors.

Various uses of a Zip Tie

Let’s see if you add a packet of zip ties in your shopping list by the end of this list or not. I am certain that you will. 

So, let us divide this section into two – 

One for the retail and industrial sectors and the other for household purposes. Let us know in the comments section which influenced you the most. 

Using a Zip Tie in Retail and Industrial Sectors

  1. A zip tie can be used for tying the packaging that holds the products. It has been proved to be strong and a solid tie for polythene bags and paper bags. 

  2. Zip ties can be used for reducing the packaging space. If the items are bindable, you can use a zip tie to hold those items in one place. 

  3. Thin wires can be bound together with a zip tie so that it doesn’t look messy.

  4. Switches or cupboards can be secured with zip ties for notifying not to use them or open them respectively. 

Residential Uses of a Zip Tie

  1. There are different household uses of a zip tie. The small yet crucial ones such as keyring, binding loose papers for making it a notepad, organizing electrical cables, safe-locking your luggage and efficient packing, drain snake, for sealing packets and bags. 

  2. Child-proofing a house with zip ties has proven to be very effective. The cupboards’ knobs can be tied together. 

  3. Other small uses such as using them as a bouquet tie, or using it to hold a plant straight with support. 

In short, a sturdy zip tie will tie anything at your home and even back in the shop. If you use the zip ties outdoors then make sure you are using UV protected materials. Additionally, you will also find environment-compliant zip ties for daily use. Zip ties are recyclable as well since you can loosen them with a knife and use them again.

Did you make your mind?

Do these versatile uses call you to put them in your cart yet? Then we have a quick fix. Here in Jigo, we produce zip ties that are not only strong but also reusable and degradable (after three to five years the degradation process shall start). If you are interested visit our products sections.

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