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How You Should Choose A Cooling Fan

How You Should Choose A Cooling Fan

There are many factors which that adversely affect equipment operation. One of the notable factor which harm the operation of an equipment adversely is heat, which is a by-product of electrical and electrical components. There are lot of ways by which electrical equipment generates heat. Heat can be generated inside a control cabinet as well as by surrounding air. It is necessary to ward off the heat as it can cause potential failures and malfunctions to sensitive components of the machine. A lot of heat is generated when the machine is use for long hours. Therefore, it becomes absolutely pivotal to install panel cooling fans.

Here is how you can choose the best panel fans –

  1. How much heat is generated and where it is generated – It is necessary to examine where and how much heat the system is generating. There are many electrical components which consume more energy and hence they also generate more heat. Due to this heat the entire machine is at risk. So before you even decide to purchase panel cooling fans, you must know where and how much heat the machine is generating.

  1. Determine the airflow – It is quite natural that component performance and longevity can be drastically impaired when operating at higher temperatures.  It is highly recommended that to keep the operating temperature below the maximum limit. In order to determine the airflow it has to be ensured that the operating temperature stay within the normal range.

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  1. Choose the type of fan – One of the most common type of fan is axial fan which provides high airflow. It is ideal for all those machines which has low static pressure. In this type of fan, the air enters and leaves the fan in the same direction. When it comes to centrifugal fans, it expels air in different directions which compresses the air.

While some panel cooling fans may be continually operated, today we see that temperature monitoring is installed in many machines so that the fan is only used when the machine generates a lot of heat. In modern panel fans the speed is adjusted to reach the required level of cooling. The effective use of a cooling fan can allow an electrical machine to operate efficiently while also increasing the machine’s longevity.

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