Cable Accessories

The main function of cable accessories is to ensure required insulation, either at the connection points of cable which are straight joints, or at their ends at terminations. Cable accessories are designed for authentic vendors who use the latest technologies. They help to ease the work of cables, the removal of the cross talk and interference that’s between the cables not only enhances the working of the system but also helps to improve the performance of the system.

The important application of cable accessories are as follows:

  • Indoor termination that is connecting a cable with air-insulated switchgear
  • Outdoor termination that is connecting a cable with an overhead line
  • Can be used as a straight line connecting two cables
  • Transition joints, which include connecting polymeric with paper insulated cable
  • Separable connector, where a cable is connected with gas-insulated switchgear

We at JIGO the leading manufacturer of cable merchandise, offer you numerous cable accessories along with our trust, responsibility, innovative textures, and sustainability and support services, which makes us the most valued brand in the business.

Our products include:

  • China Clip.
  • Plastic Cable Ties.
  • Nylon Cable Ties.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties.
  • Cable Nail Clip.
  • Cable Terminal Ends.
  • BI-Metallic Lugs.
  • Nylon Cable Glands.
  • Metal Cable Glands.
  • Nylon Cable Hose and Glands.
  • Industrial Plug and Socket.
  • Junction and Distribution Box.
  • Industrial Cable Drums.
  • Crimpling Tool.
  • Heavy-Duty Connector.

These are the numerous cable merchandises that we offer to our customers.