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Know About Various Types Of Cable Glands

Know About Various Types Of Cable Glands

Cable glands are also known as mechanical cable entry devices. It is designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment. Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables.

Cable glands are usually made up of either of these following materials:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Copper

Now, let’s discuss the various types of Cable Glands –

  • Nylon Cable Glands – Nylon cable glands are available in colours like red and blue. With nylon cable glands you can actually colour code your cables. When used in certain facilities, a colour-coded system of cables, for your data or telecommunications application, would definitely ease up maintenance work.

  • Stainless steel cable gland – This cable gland is especially known for its remarkable anti-corrosive property against gasoline, weak acids, saltwater, etc. Stainless steel cable glands are also known for providing high-grade cable strain relief need and protection from harsh setting. These cable glands are ideal for industries like industrial automation, communication base stations, outdoor lighting and renewable energy.

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  • Aluminium Cable Gland – Aluminium cable glands are known for providing electrical continuity and mechanical retention through armour wire termination. These cable glands are ideal for use with single-core PVC sheathed aluminium wire armoured cables for use in outdoor or indoor environments.

  • PVC Cable Gland – PVC cable glands are strong and lightweight. These cable glands are ideal for adding added protection to cable glands, particularly in harsh environments.

  • EMC Cable Gland – An EMC or Electromagnetic Compatibility gland is something that can operate in its own electromagnetic settings without causing any electromagnetic obstruction to any surrounding device. EMC cable glands are manufactured using brass and stainless steel materials are also quite easy to install.

  • Armoured Cable Gland – Armoured cable glands are made up of brass material or stainless steel material. These glands have an anti-corrosion function and are known for performing excellently under explosion-proof requirement cases.


These are some of the major types of cable glands widely used across industries. At Jigo, we are one of the leading cable gland manufacturers in India. If you are looking for superior quality cable glands, we have got you covered.

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