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The A-Z of Telemecanique Limit Switches

We encounter a limit switch every day in our lives. Can you guess how? As children, we’ve often peered through the refrigerator door to watch the light go out as we closed it. But have you ever wondered what caused it to be this way? Enter the Limit Switc Read More

Plastic Cable Glands: Types And Usages

The cable gland is an essential component of electric infrastructure and panel assemblies where wires must be attached and protected.

It is possible to find cable glands in almost any industry that uses electrical equipment of some kind Read More

An Overview Of Panel Indicators

For factory floors with many settings on the same panel, bright, highly visible indicators are essential to avoid miscommunications regarding the various stages of the machine. Operators can keep processes organized and efficient with the help of correct labels Read More

A Comprehensive Guide On Revolving Lights

Revolving lights now come with LED technology to create an even more impressive and astounding warning signal. Rather than rotate continuously, these lights fire LEDs in a successive pattern to simulate rotation.

We will therefore explore these surefire Read More

Here’s The Low-Down On Cable Tie Holders

Despite Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, we still require intricate cables systems for connecting servers, devices and other electrical and electronic components. Typically, people prefer wired gadgets over wireless ones because they’re cheaper and easier to repair Read More

Is Using A Plastic Cable Gland A Good Choice?

Cable glands are an important part of your electrical installation. They are connectors used to seal the ends of cables and secure them to plugs, terminals, enclosures, or electrical equipment of various kinds. They are also commonly known as cable fittings, c Read More

8 Unconventional Uses Of Cable Ties You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

We all know that cable ties are fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together to keep them organized and prevent damage. But it turns out that they are not as mundane as they seem.

There is an extensive list of applications for t Read More

The Benefits Of Employing Zip Ties In Law Enforcement And Security Operations

Policemen are soldiers who act alone; soldiers are policemen who act in unison.” – Herbert Spencer.

The duties of a police officer include protecting individuals and their property, Read More

Why Does A Limit Switch Price Higher Than An Ordinary Proximity Switch?

To be very honest to the question Yes! Limit switch price higher than that of ordinary proximity switch, however, limit switches are used in conjunction with a DC power supply where mechanical switches don’t need an external supply.

In order to get an extensive aspect Read More

Detailing Down Every Aspect Of The Nylon Cable Gland

Nylon cable glands are designed to permit, the access of cable wires into the electrical components and equipment that helps to provide benefits with earthing, grounding, insulation, sealing, bonding, retention, and stain relief, along with providing mechanical Read More

Listing The Aspects Of Stainless-Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are used as snaps, that are used to bundle up cable wires together to keep them organized and thereby preventing them from any damages. Stainless steel Read More

The Unwavering Benefits Of A Panel Cooling Fan Along With The Guiding Points Of Choosing One

Panel cooling fans provide an ideal solution to the application, which requires greater efficiency and soundless operation. A panel cooling fan works by extracting the Read More

All About Nylon Cable Ties – Types, Features And Benefits

What are Cable Ties used for?

Cable ties or Nylon cable ties are used as fasteners, which helps you to bundle your cables and wires together to keep them organized and hence preventing damages. Nylon Cable Ties come in different length Read More

Cooling Fans – Definition, Application, Uses, and Types

An overview of Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are also known as panel fans, they are an ideal solution for application that requires high efficiency and silent operation. The cooling fans work by sucking the cold air at the bottom vent, and Read More

Door Limit Switches – Application, Uses, Functions And More

What is a Door Limit Switch?

A door limit switch is a switch that is used for automatic detection and for sensing the opening and closing of a door or the presence of an object.

For example, the refrigerator uses Read More

4 Commonly Asked Questions And Answers About A Saddle Clip

Saddle clips, variously called butterfly clips, M-clips or grating clips are new in the market. Being a saddle clip manufacturer and supplier ourselves, we frequently get to hear these questions from our clients. So we thought why not address all of them in a b Read More

All About Plastic Cable Glands

Plastic Cable Glands

Plastic Cable glands are designed to permit, the entry of cable wires into electrical equipment or components which provides earthing, grounding, bonding, insulation, sealing, retention, and strain relief. It also provides mechanica Read More

Limit Switch – Everything You Need To Know About The Device

What Is A Limit Switch?

A Limit switch is used for automatic detection or for sensing the presence of an object, it also benefits in monitoring and indicating the movement limit of an object, whether it has been exceeded or not. Origin Read More

LED Revolving Signaling Lights – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

It is needless to mention about the significance of LED products. Their demand is soaring like never before. The reason behind this rise in demand and increase in popularity is because it is used by people in day to day lives. They consume less power and they d Read More

Plastic Cable Ties Sizes And Their Uses

Whenever we think of plastic cable ties, we do not differentiate them into various categories. To some of us who do not have much knowledge, we perceive all those plastic ties as the same. All we know is, those are self-locking plastic strips. We do not think Read More

Know About Various Types Of Cable Glands

Cable glands are also known as mechanical cable entry devices. It is designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment. Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications Read More

Panel Indicator Lamp Can Be Beneficial In Many Ways. Do You Know Why?

A panel indicator lamp is a device that is used to indicate whether power is on for particular equipment or device. It is used to check the operating condition of some system. A panel indicator lamp is widely used in machine to Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Limit Switches

A limit switch is an electromagnetic device that features an actuator mechanically connected to the set of contacts. They are used to automatically detect or sense the presence of an object or to monitor and indicate whether the mo Read More

Highlighting The Uses Of Zip Tie

Zip ties are designed to hold bundles of cables together or to fix a cable or a bunch of cables to something so as to avoid the tangling of cables and keep the path clear. The common zip tie, normally made of nylon, has a flexible tape section with teeth that e Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Cable Glands

A cable gland is a kind of device which is designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment. Cable glands are known for performing a number of crucial roles in cable management. It provides earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding a Read More

Highlighting The Uses Of Limit Switches

Limit Switches are widely used in the electrical engineering industry. It is a piece of electromechanical equipment that is used to automatically detect the presence of an object in order to monitor the movement limits of an object. As these switches are used t Read More

An Overview Of Cable Clips

It is needless to mention that without cables it is quite impossible to run a household or an industry. Here is an example, in an average household, you will see that cables are running between television sets, desktops, speakers, etc. Coming to industrial and business setting Read More

Why Tower Lights Are Crucial In Industries?

Tower lights or stack lights are very commonly used equipment in industrial manufacturing and industrial processes. These lights are columnar in shape and feature several independent lights stacked on top of each other. There are f Read More

An Overview Of Tower Lights

Signal Tower Lights, also known as, indicator lights, warning lights, and on lights, industrial signal lights, etc. are very commonly used on various equipment in industrial manufacturing and process control environments as it serv Read More

How You Should Choose A Cooling Fan

There are many factors which that adversely affect equipment operation. One of the notable factor which harm the operation of an equipment adversely is heat, which is a by-product of electrical and electrical components. There are Read More

Highlighting The Benefits Of Tower Light

It is absolutely necessary to decide what kind of light is to be used at the construction site which will provide the best possible lighting. One of the most popular choices is tower lights, it is a piece of very well-designed equipment which is very commonly u Read More

What Are Limit Switches? What Are Its Functions?

Limit switch is a term which is very widely in the electrical industry. So let’s talk about what is a limit switch and what is its function.

The purpose of limit switches is to automatically detect the presence and a Read More

Understanding The Cooling Process Of An Electrical Cooling Panel For Ease Of Work

It is necessary to consider every factor that will adversely affect the operations of equipment. One mentionable factor that can have a negative impact on the success of the installation is heat. The produced heat is the by-produ Read More

Did You Know There Is More Than One Hack For Using A Zip Tie?

Given a situation, you need to pack a few things, and you find out the zippers are missing. How will you make use of the bag? Yes, duct tape can be a solution for binding things. But, today, let’s talk about another fixer that Read More

The Specialty Of Saddle Clip And Variety In It’s Kind

A Saddle Clip is used for anchoring welded steel, steel grating, or pressure-locked aluminum. Places, where the grating is frequently being removed, are ideal for saddle clip installation. These are essential for holding metal strongly so that whi Read More

What Is A Rocker Switch and How are Cars Using These?

All the functions of your car are being controlled by various switches. Whereas some switches need higher current capacity, while the rest are low capacity. The lower voltage switches generally control the electrical relay connections, which tri Read More

What Is Junction Box? How Are Junction Boxes Used?

An electrical junction box is a prime member of the electrical wiring network used at houses and buildings. The plastic or metal boxes shelter the electrical connections of a structure maintaining safety. A junction box has two defined sizes-Read More

How Electronic Market In India Is Growing Rapidly?

Too many research and reports, the demand for electrical equipment and devices is set to rise from $80 billion in the year 2012 to $400 billion in the current year, 2020. The market of electrical and electronics is regarded as one of the biggest in the world an Read More

A Brief Categorization Of Switchgear Power Systems

The fundamental capacity of switchgear power frameworks is the assurance of shortcircuits and over-burden shortcoming flows while at the same time offering support consistently to unaffected circuits while keeping away from the production of electrical danger. Read More

Origin Of Electrical Equipment Industry

Before we discuss the electrical equipment industry, we need to have a brief idea of electrical equipment as a whole. Electrical equipment incorporates any machine controlled by power. It, as a rule, comprises a walled-in area, an assortment of electrical parts Read More

How Effective Use of Switchgear Can Enhance Performance

JIGO is one of the leading switchgear suppliers in Kolkata, who is mainly known for being the best Electrical trading company in Kolkata. Here we look at some of the ways with which they function to be on top of their business:

1. Capacity of Switchgear Power Sy Read More

An Extensive Guide to Cable Ties

Cable ties are essentially fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together to stay them organized and forestall damage. they are available in numerous sizes, lengths, materials and even colors. the various uses of cable ties vary across industries, but wha Read More

Tips To Grow Your Own Electrical Business

The demand for Electrical equipment has always been on a surge as it is almost required everywhere. It is undoubtedly one of the profitable businesses in the world and now many of the people are looking forward to starting their own electrical business or to gr Read More

Elucidating The Types Of Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor is basically a sensor which is capable of detecting the presence of nearby objects without the need of any physical contact and then either take some action or just simply notify their presence or absence. They are used in a myriad range of i Read More

Reasons Why It Is Absolutely Important To Invest In Industrial Automation

Industrial automation makes use of devices starting from computer or robots to monitors to handle its operations and machines. Automation delivers the advantage of improving productivity and quality along with reduced wastage. It also promotes safety and ensure Read More

A Brief Elucidation On Fuses and Its Types

Fuses are of utmost importance in the industries and in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. It is a safety device which provides protection from overcurrent of an electrical circuit. It consists of a metal wire of strip which melts or dissolve Read More

The Ideal Cable Accessories Manufacturer In Kolkata

Supreme quality cable clips to nylon cable ties make Hirawant Electricals a trusted electric cable accessories manufacturer in Kolkata. Having imported quality products Jigo India has become a renowned brand of thei Read More

Types Of Cable Ties To Buy

Cable ties are basically fasteners that properly bundles the hefty amount of cables and wires so as to keep them organized. Various industries use cable ties for their various functions, but managing cables and wires is common betw Read More

JIGO India – The masters in the field of Electrical Trading

JIGO India established in the year 1987 which started as a privately held electrical trading company of fuses to the commercial and industrial marketplace. Soon, our consumer base and product portfolio expanded and we introduced relays, contrac Read More

Know Before You Go To The Electric Board Suppliers!

The electrical board is the framework that conveys electric flow to various circuits in a structure. It moves current between circuits while guaranteeing that the exchange is protected. The board likewise separates electrical force into sub-circuits. In any case, there are muc Read More

Hirawat Electricals

Since 1987, Hirawat Electricals has been a privately held entity beginning as a trading company of fuses to the commercial and industrial marketplace.

Soon, the customer base expanded and product portfolio included relays, contactors and the entire range of switchgear a Read More

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