Origin Of Electrical Equipment Industry

Before we discuss the electrical equipment industry, we need to have a brief idea of electrical equipment as a whole. Electrical equipment incorporates any machine controlled by power. It, as a rule, comprises a walled-in area, an assortment of electrical parts Read More

How Effective Use of Switchgear Can Enhance Performance

JIGO is one of the leading switchgear suppliers in Kolkata, who is mainly known for being the best Electrical trading company in Kolkata. Here we look at some of the ways with which they function to be on top of their business:

1. Capacity of Switchgear Power Sy Read More

An Extensive Guide to Cable Ties

Cable ties are essentially fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together to stay them organized and forestall damage. they are available in numerous sizes, lengths, materials and even colors. the various uses of cable ties vary across industries, but wha Read More

Tips To Grow Your Own Electrical Business

The demand for Electrical equipment has always been on a surge as it is almost required everywhere. It is undoubtedly one of the profitable businesses in the world and now many of the people are looking forward to starting their own electrical business or to gr Read More

Elucidating The Types Of Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor is basically a sensor which is capable of detecting the presence of nearby objects without the need of any physical contact and then either take some action or just simply notify their presence or absence. They are used in a myriad range of i Read More

Reasons Why It Is Absolutely Important To Invest In Industrial Automation

Industrial automation makes use of devices starting from computer or robots to monitors to handle its operations and machines. Automation delivers the advantage of improving productivity and quality along with reduced wastage. It also promotes safety and ensure Read More

A Brief Elucidation On Fuses and Its Types

Fuses are of utmost importance in the industries and in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. It is a safety device which provides protection from overcurrent of an electrical circuit. It consists of a metal wire of strip which melts or dissolve Read More

The Ideal Cable Accessories Manufacturer In Kolkata

Supreme quality cable clips to nylon cable ties make Hirawant Electricals a trusted electric cable accessories manufacturer in Kolkata. Having imported quality products Jigo India has become a renowned brand of thei Read More

Types Of Cable Ties To Buy

Cable ties are basically fasteners that properly bundles the hefty amount of cables and wires so as to keep them organized. Various industries use cable ties for their various functions, but managing cables and wires is common betw Read More

JIGO India – The masters in the field of Electrical Trading

JIGO India established in the year 1987 which started as a privately held electrical trading company of fuses to the commercial and industrial marketplace. Soon, our consumer base and product portfolio expanded and we introduced relays, contrac Read More

Know Before You Go To The Electric Board Suppliers!

The electrical board is the framework that conveys electric flow to various circuits in a structure. It moves current between circuits while guaranteeing that the exchange is protected. The board likewise separates electrical force into sub-circuits. In any case, there are muc Read More

Hirawat Electricals

Since 1987, Hirawat Electricals has been a privately held entity beginning as a trading company of fuses to the commercial and industrial marketplace.

Soon, the customer base expanded and product portfolio included relays, contactors and the entire range of switchgear a Read More