Panel Accessories

Electrical control panels are designed specifically to control mechanical tools. Every panel contains a particular arrangement and specific devices, which allow controlling of the specified tools by an operator. Each component of the electrical panel works to control all the tools that are used for every industrial purpose. As most of the organizations and industries have pre-defined their preferences for their desired components; therefore, it becomes tough to describe every portable combination.

Electrical control panel attributes:

  • Safety Ratings.
  • Enclosure Ratings.
  • Main Power.
  • Control Power.
  • Door Mounted operator devices.
  • A sequence of operation.
  • Remote control interference.

Our products include:

  • Push Button
  • Panel Indicator Lamp
  • Panel Indicator Lamp – Meters
  • Rocker Switch
  • Empty Box
  • Pendant Control Station

These are the numerous electric control panel merchandises that we offer to our customers.