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Plastic Cable Ties Sizes And Their Uses

Plastic Cable Ties Sizes And Their Uses

Whenever we think of plastic cable ties, we do not differentiate them into various categories. To some of us who do not have much knowledge, we perceive all those plastic ties as the same. All we know is, those are self-locking plastic strips. We do not think it through while choosing one. But, it turns out that cable ties differ based on features like materials, sizes, construction process, temperature ratings, etc. With different features, the applications of these plastic cable ties change too. Choose your plastic or nylon cable ties that are suitable for your application.

Why is buying the right size of Plastic Cable Ties important?

Nylon cable ties are used to tie the wires together that fulfil industrial and commercial demands helping in colour coding. If you do not know which size to buy, its usability will be lost in the course.

So, measuring the diameter would be helpful before choosing the most suitable cable ties for your type of application. Buying nylon cable ties slightly longer than the required one creates no fuss and length can be shortened anytime as per the nature of the applications.

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Here are some tips to choose the right size of plastic cable ties as per certain applications.

  • For household needs, 4.8 series plastic cable ties are the most used ones among so many variations. This size is standard and user-friendly too. This series of cable ties work best in its 4.8X300mm, being of the exact right size.

  • Width 9.0mm sized cable ties have high tensile strength and these are made for heavy-duty industrial work. The size range varies from 400-1200mm. The usage of such long nylon cable ties is high in the shipping manufacturing, mechanical, and oil pies sector.

  • For organising heavy-duty machinery, 12.0mm plastic cable ties are required that have a tensile strength of 114kgs.

How to use Plastic Cable Ties?

Every product is a solution to a problem. Plastic cable ties are no exception. Previously, the rope was used to tie things up both in households and heavy-duty work across industries. Plastic or nylon cable ties replace rope as it lasts long and protects corrosion. Cable ties provide self-locking, good insulation making them easy to operate.

These are designed to bind bundles of cables together or to fix them. It resists the cables from staying loosely scattered on the floor. Moreover, it has extensive usage in the packaging industry and our household too.

Manufacturers and suppliers of nylon cable ties are required to produce various sizes for different needs. The range varies from self-locking nylon ties, label nylon ties, buckle nylon ties, and many more.

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