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Everything You Need To Know About Limit Switches

Everything You Need To Know About Limit Switches

A limit switch is an electromagnetic device that features an actuator mechanically connected to the set of contacts. They are used to automatically detect or sense the presence of an object or to monitor and indicate whether the movement limits of the object has been exceeded.

The original use of limit switch is to define the limit or endpoint over which an object could travel before being stopped. Most limit switches operate mechanically and contain heavy-duty contacts which can switch higher currents than alternative proximity sensors.  There are generally four types of limit switches – whisker, roller, lever, and plunger.

They can be installed into machinery as control instruments for standard operations or as emergency devices to prevent machine issues.

Here are some of the advantages of using limit switches –

  • => The designs are generally quite simple and neat
  • => They work perfectly in almost any industrial setting
  • => The showcase high accuracy and repeatability
  • => They consume less energy
  • => They are simple to install and are reliable
  • => They can switch multiple loads

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Here are some of the limitations or disadvantages of limit switches –

  • => Limit switches are dependent on mechanical action, they are used in equipment that operates at low speed

  • => As limit switches are contact sensors, there has to be physical contact with the target for them to operate

  • => Limit switches are subject to mechanical wear or fatigue over time and will demand replacement

Micro Limit Switch

Micro Limit Switch or Micro Switch is another type of limit switch that is commonly found on control circuits. These switches are smaller than their standard counterparts, allowing them to be installed in narrow spaces that would normally be inaccessible to other switches. Microswitches usually have an actuating plunger that has to travel a small distance to trigger the contact sequence.


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