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What Is A Rocker Switch and How are Cars Using These?

What Is A Rocker Switch and How are Cars Using These?

All the functions of your car are being controlled by various switches. Whereas some switches need higher current capacity, while the rest are low capacity. The lower voltage switches generally control the electrical relay connections, which triggers a much higher voltage for operating the functions.

Now, let us dig through the definition and use of rocker switches.

What is a rocker switch?

Rocker switches are electrical switches that are integrated with a spring-loaded button. The circuit is only complete when a switch is pressed in a way, and when it is released the spring load pushes the button back to its initial position opening the circuit. One rocker switch can operate more than one circuit. 

An applicable example can be a switch for powered door locks. As the lock button is pressed, the actuator in a power lock is ordered to lock. But, when the button is released the switch comes back to its optimum position, cutting out the flowing power, and letting it remain in the locked state. The unlock button is on the other end of the rocker switch. The circle of the switch goes back and forth, keeping the function the same as to the lock actuator when the door is in an unlocked position.

There are a few rocker switches that activate a timer. As the button is released, the feature continues to function until the timer goes off, this can be seen in the grid button for the rear window defogger.

Using rocker switches in a car

A car will probably be the arena of rocker switches. Therefore, car manufactures and service centres keep sear rocker switches in case of emergencies. Some of the car models use rocker switches for powering the door lock switches. 

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Apart from that its other uses include:

  1. Power window controls
  2. Heated seat switches
  3. Rear window defogger grids

Cars use a rocker switch to make sure that few of the important activities. Such as a hazard or horn are addressed instantly without thinking much about the next use. Rocker switches are popularly used in many types of systems for being easy and convenient. Due to the feature of rocker switches to go back to its optimum position, the same attention as other switches like a toggle switch is not required.

Purchasing a rocker switch

While purchasing rocker switches make sure that you are trusting only the best rocker switch manufacturer in India. Even though the product is the same everywhere the quality might differ. Therefore, you should choose one of the core players of electrical switches for seamless performance. 

Before you buy the product you should check if the switch is working properly, and it has all the safety measures needed. When you buy a product from a manufacturer ask them enough questions for understanding the rigidity of the product and why you must trust them. Remember the switch must not be a used one or defected in some way. 

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