Float Switch


Insert the cable in the counterweight. From the conical part and rotate it, thus causing the plastic ring inserted in the opening to become detached (if necessary this operation can be facilitated with the use of a screwdriver). The ring should be then positioned in the point where it is desired to block the counterweight.

Force the counterweight on the ring be rotating it, using a slight pressure

Model No. Description Technical Parameters
JG ‐ FLS01 Float Switch 2m Microswitch
Switch currency
10 (8) 250V~10 (4) A 380V
50000C according VDE special standard to test the operation switch
JG ‐ FLS03 Float Switch 3m Protective connection
T 70U 88
JG ‐ FLS05 Float Switch 5m Max. Temperature
Max. Working pressure
JG ‐ FLS09 Float Switch 9m Limit Circuit breaking capacity 250V 1KW DC Voltage


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