Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Material: Stainless steel type: #304
Temperature range: -80°C to 500°C
Unique self-locking mechanism that allow easy and quick application.
High tensile strength, Non-flammable
High resistance to Acetic acid, Sulphuric acid, Corrosion, etc. General extremely resistant to most hostile environments.

Model Specification
JG – 200×4.8S SS Tie of Length 200mm & Width 4.8mm
JG – 250×4.8S SS Tie of Length 250mm & Width 4.8mm
JG – 300×4.8S SS Tie of Length 300mm & Width 4.8mm
JG – 400×4.8S SS Tie of Length 400mm & Width 4.8mm
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