Why Tower Lights Are Crucial In Industries?

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Tower lights or stack lights are very commonly used equipment in industrial manufacturing and industrial processes. These lights are columnar in shape and feature several independent lights stacked on top of each other. There are five coloured lights present which are – red, green, yellow, blue, and also includes a sound module in some cases. These lights are called stack lights due to their stack orientation. Apart from stack lights, these lights are also called indicator lights, warning lights, industrial signal lights, and light towers.

The purpose of stack lights is to help the operators take necessary action at the right time. Stack lights or tower lights are used to provide status information to operators, technicians, supervisors, and other people who are engaged in the work. Sometimes, stack lights feature a sound module that produces a buzzer sound to alert the technicians, operators, and other personnel.

Some of the common features of tower lights are as follows –

  • Lighting Modules – A light tower may comprise one, two or up to five modules in a single track. The lights colours are usually red, green, blue, yellow and white. The light stays on continuously and rotates to seek the attention of the user. Stack lights which feature buzzer alarm are more effective.
  • Sound Modules – Many light towers feature integrated alarm buzzers. The alarm buzzers are in the range of 80db and may have monotonal, bi-tonal or intermittent alarm patterns.

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What do various lights signify?

Tower lights are equipped with various coloured lights. Here are what the light symbolize –

  • Red – It indicates that a machine is facing some issues that might lead to shutdown or other emergencies. It signals the user that immediate action must be taken.
  • Green – It indicates that a machine is working smoothly and finely.
  • Yellow – It indicates a warning that something might be wrong with the machine which may lead to a shutdown.
  • Blue – It indicates an external help request placed for service from a supervisor or maintenance personnel.
  • White – User-defined conditions to a specific machine, often related to productivity monitoring.


Tower lights are useful when it comes to determining the status of a machine or process. These lights are placed on top of a machine in order to alert personnel of machine status or an issue. Tower lights are one of the most significant components of automation and machine installations all over the globe.

What Are Limit Switches? What Are Its Functions?

Limit Switch manufacturer India

Limit switch is a term which is very widely in the electrical industry. So let’s talk about what is a limit switch and what is its function.

The purpose of limit switches is to automatically detect the presence and absence of a material or object. Limit switches are basically contact sensing device which is widely used for detecting the presence or position of objects in industrial applications. As the name suggests, limit switches also sets the limit as safety interlocks in order to prevent machine parts after a specific point. The switch controls the limit of the travel.

Functions of a limit switch and how does it work –

An industry-based limit switch features a mechanical actuator linked to a series of electrical contacts and when the target comes in contact with the actuator, the electrical connection with the within the switch either open or close the electrical connection. With the use of the mechanical movement of the actuator, the limit switches turn the electric switch on or off.

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As already mentioned that limit switch is very widely used tern industries, the most common of limit switch is during tallying materials. When the limit is reached, the switch closes or opens. Limit Switches are also widely used to prevent machine parts from moving any further when the specific point is reached. They can also be installed into machinery in order to control the instruments for standard operations or as emergency devices with the aim of preventing machinery malfunction.

Advantages of Limit switches –

  • The work well in any kind of industrial setting
  • They consume less power
  • They are simple to install, use and are very reliable
  • Can be used to switch multiple loads

There are various types of Limit switches, such as –

  • Snap switches
  • Heavy duty oil-tight switches
  • Gravity return switches
  • Safety locking and unlocking switches

JIGO is one of the leading manufacturers of limit switches in India. The limit switch we provide 81 series, 91 series, JG-WLD – JG-WLNJ, Compact Prewired Limit Switch, Sealed Limit Switch.

The Specialty Of Saddle Clip And Variety In It’s Kind

Saddle Clip India - Jigo India

A Saddle Clip is used for anchoring welded steel, steel grating, or pressure-locked aluminum. Places, where the grating is frequently being removed, are ideal for saddle clip installation. These are essential for holding metal strongly so that while welding or grating stays fixed in one place.

The metal has to be held still as if it is unstable; the risk of making mistakes will be higher. When metal elements are worked upon it tends to vibrate due to resonance, and it being perfectly still is necessary or it might spoil the work. This product is not to be underestimated as these little steel clips ensure perfection. There are different features and benefits of saddle clips, let’s have a look.

Various Features and Benefits of Saddle Clip 

As I mentioned in the introduction, a saddle clip is a very useful tool, that helps to keep a pipe stagnant in its position.

  1. The bolt holes can distort while forming, but the .281” diameter pin can pass through the .312” hole while a .328” pin passes through .343” hole.
  2. In order for grating with bearing bars at 15/16″ (.937) & 1-3/16″ (1.188) respective centers.
  3. It uses galvanized steel or zinc-plated clips for use in applications that cater to the aluminum grating.

The saddle clips come in different sizes and diameters for holding different kinds of metals.

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The different sizes of a Saddle Clip 

There obviously are different types of saddle clips manufactured for convenience of work. These generally have different finishes, gages, diameters of bolt holes, radiuses of the base to tops, and center to centers.

  1. 1. SC-2074 series are available in both galvanized and plain materials with 0.5 radium and varying gage, center to center, and diameters.
  2. 2. SC-1074 series come in 0.625 radii and have different material finishes such as zinc plating, galvanized, and plain products. Similarly, the center to center, diameter, and gages of different products are varying.
  1. 3. SC-1104 series come in different finishes same as the other categories, i.e. plain, zinc plating, and galvanizing. These products offer a radius of 0.625 and have a variety in gages, diameters, and center to centers.

All these products have at least 5 variations under each series and offer a unique set of applications depending on your requirement.

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How to Choose a Saddle Clip Manufacturer and Supplier 

When you are purchasing a saddle clip you need to make sure that the product you are buying is the absolute solution for your requirement. Therefore, when you buy a saddle clip, always check it’s quality and make sure it is used for the reason you will bruise it.

For example, JiGo is a leading Saddle Clip Manufacturer and Supplier for ages and knows how to manufacture each product that can fit perfectly in your business. So, you need to find a company that is reliable and has been manufacturing items for industrial purposes. With this, you can ensure the product that you purchase lasts long and is the only solution for the task you have at hand.

The Ideal Cable Accessories Manufacturer In Kolkata

Cable Accessories Manufacturer

Supreme quality cable clips to nylon cable ties make Hirawant Electricals a trusted electric cable accessories manufacturer in Kolkata. Having imported quality products Jigo India has become a renowned brand of theirs. When it comes to such accessories they have been a pioneer since 1987.

Nylon cable ties have been deemed imported since they have been able to reflect its true benefits and convenience. Having 20+ Nylon cable ties models having their individual specifications ensures their diversity in terms of what electrical appliances are to be connected in and around the house. A piece of different equipment, a different type. All of which are available at the best price with Kolkata’s most trusted brand. Rest assured its one-piece construction ensures regular deliverability and durability. Its smooth round edges ensure the perfect trim in compliance with safety standards. Users can’t put a price on convenience and the simplicity involved in installing them. The tensile strength is industrial grade which prevents it from any damage, come any catastrophe.

Operators in and around Kolkata find them the swiftest to work with as their installation time is limited by its initial insertion phase. One may simply find them in stocked and loaded in the inventory of any electrician since its applications ranges from binding the wires ranging from that of computer peripherals to other heavy electronic items such as TVs and Air conditioning units. The range of lengths of these ties fall under the most precise criteria of this product.

They are user friendly and can operate in any given temperature (between -35C to 85C) making it all weather resilient and powerful to withstand any climate India has to offer in the age of climate change which directly and even indirectly impacts the longevity of the ties. Its tooth locking design and mechanism ensures delight in handing the product without any hindrance. Low threading force reduces operator energy and exhaustion. The colour can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the buyers willing to opt for it. Storage of such has been reduced to a bare minimum to enhance mobility. So one can easily bid farewell to the old hook and loop cable ties because the future is here.

Cable nail clips being sold at the best price having its applications with every single electronic equipment under the sun. They prevent wires from getting clustered and entangled with other wires so as to easily maintain them and ensure that they sustain for a longer period of time. 20+ Cable nail clip models can be found with regard to specific requirements and the lengths of wires in question to cater to the customer needs. Starting from indoor households to telephonic lines, these clips can be used for a variety of reasons and to ensure that tangle-free workspaces are not a dream but a reality in modern offices and industrial locations. Their weatherproof features prevent it from having any sort of damage or breakage which may hamper work or performance.

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