Panel Indicator Lamp

Panel indicator lamp at JIGO comes under different color variants of red, blue, yellow, and green. Every color of a panel indicator lamp indicates normal operations, for example, the yellow color depicts or shows standby whereas the red color shows emergency stoppage. Panel indicator lamp aims at checking the position of circuits and electrical apparatus by the lamp. 


Panel indicator lamps are used as a status indicator for compressors, circulating pumps, motors, and other required applications or devices according to the needs in combination with light sensor indicator it also benefits in showing the operation status of the objects the indicator is connected to. 


Applicable environment for panel indicator lamps are:


· Surrounding temperature ranges from -25-degree C to +55-degree C.

· Relative humidity can go up to less than equal to 98%.

· It can operate normally under the condition of 2-80Hz vibration frequency and 0.7g/h accelerated speed.

· Pollution grade: III; Installed sort: III.

· It can work in the moist tropical environment if there is a “TH” sign.


We at JIGO the leading manufacturer of panel indicator lamps, offer you technical parameters along with our trust, responsibility, innovative textures, and sustainability and support services, which makes us the most valued brand in the business. 


Technical parameters of panel indicator lamps are as follows:


· Voltage of working frequency is 2.5KV, 1 min.

· Insulated resistance: less than equal to 2M omega.

· Amount of voltage wave allowed to by an AC indicator (+/-) 20%.

· Continual working life of a panel indicator lamp contains less than equal to 3000h.

· Brightness: >= 60cd/m.

· Frequency: AC60-60Hz.

· Index leakage: CT1>= 100.

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