Cable Nail Clip

JIGO offers you with cable nail clip that acts as an essential tool, which helps in managing and organizing wires and cables by securing them to a fixed point on a surface. Cable nail clips are generally manufactured or fabricated from hardwearing plastics and metals, which comprises an element to hold the cable in a place that often necessitates a nail or fixing to attach the clip to the desired surface such as walls, floors or ceiling, or any other necessary places.


We at JIGO the leading manufacturer of cable nail clips, offer you numerous cable nail clip specifications along with our trust, responsibility, innovative textures, and sustainability and support services, which makes us the most valued brand in the business. 


Specifications of cable nail clip offered by JIGO:


· Product category – JIGO offers cable nail clips also known as china clips.

· Sizes – The sizes of cable nail clip and circular clip varies from JG 4mm to JG 50 mm and further categorized to JG BS ® and JG BS (S).

· Colour – JIGO offers the color white as it protects the cable nail clip from non-toxic material and any impact and chemical resistant moisture. 

· Material used – Generally, the material used for making this cable nail clip is PVC. 


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