BS Series Push Button Switch

BS power push button switch is applicable to the motor of the voltage up to 500V and the capacity upto 3KW for directly starting run and breaking, also for frequently turning on and off loaded current. Its characteristic are accurate on-off, safe and reliable and high intensity of machinery. It is widely used in machines tools, textile machinery etc., The switch is the best choice for machinery power.

Type Poles (P) Rated (V) Voltage Applicable motor  capacity kW (HP) Resistance Load (A) Weight (Kg)
JG-BS-211B 2.3 500 220V 0.75(3) 7.5(10) 0.13
JG-BS-216B 2.3 500 220V 1.5(3) 15(20) 0.18
JG-BS-230B 2.3 500 220V 2.2(3) 30(35) 0.23


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