Why Tower Lights Are Crucial In Industries?

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Tower lights or stack lights are very commonly used equipment in industrial manufacturing and industrial processes. These lights are columnar in shape and feature several independent lights stacked on top of each other. There are five coloured lights present which are – red, green, yellow, blue, and also includes a sound module in some cases. These lights are called stack lights due to their stack orientation. Apart from stack lights, these lights are also called indicator lights, warning lights, industrial signal lights, and light towers.

The purpose of stack lights is to help the operators take necessary action at the right time. Stack lights or tower lights are used to provide status information to operators, technicians, supervisors, and other people who are engaged in the work. Sometimes, stack lights feature a sound module that produces a buzzer sound to alert the technicians, operators, and other personnel.

Some of the common features of tower lights are as follows –

  • Lighting Modules – A light tower may comprise one, two or up to five modules in a single track. The lights colours are usually red, green, blue, yellow and white. The light stays on continuously and rotates to seek the attention of the user. Stack lights which feature buzzer alarm are more effective.
  • Sound Modules – Many light towers feature integrated alarm buzzers. The alarm buzzers are in the range of 80db and may have monotonal, bi-tonal or intermittent alarm patterns.

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What do various lights signify?

Tower lights are equipped with various coloured lights. Here are what the light symbolize –

  • Red – It indicates that a machine is facing some issues that might lead to shutdown or other emergencies. It signals the user that immediate action must be taken.
  • Green – It indicates that a machine is working smoothly and finely.
  • Yellow – It indicates a warning that something might be wrong with the machine which may lead to a shutdown.
  • Blue – It indicates an external help request placed for service from a supervisor or maintenance personnel.
  • White – User-defined conditions to a specific machine, often related to productivity monitoring.


Tower lights are useful when it comes to determining the status of a machine or process. These lights are placed on top of a machine in order to alert personnel of machine status or an issue. Tower lights are one of the most significant components of automation and machine installations all over the globe.

An Overview Of Tower Lights

An overview of Tower Lights

Signal Tower Lights, also known as, indicator lights, warning lights, and on lights, industrial signal lights, etc. are very commonly used on various equipment in industrial manufacturing and process control environments as it serves as an indicator of a machine’s status and provides warning signals to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel. The purpose of these lights is to identify the errors as it happens.

Signal tower lights are generally columnar in structures and are available in a variety of shapes. A stack light will typically have up to 5 coloured segments to indicate any errors or on the machine or process. The colour combination is typically red, yellow, green, blue or clear white. The colours are either off, solid-on (continuous) or flashing.

The functions of these lights are –

  • =>RED: When there is a failure in the machine
  • =>YELLOW: Serves as a warning signal for over-temperature or over-pressure conditions
  • =>GREEN: Normal machine or process operation
  • =>BLUE: Indicates external help request, where an operator might be requesting for raw materials or maintenance assistance
  • =>WHITE: User command to a specific machine, often related to productivity monitoring

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Common Applications –

  • =>Productivity Monitoring
  • =>Lean manufacturing
  • =>Warning Indication/Machine fault
  • =>Assembly station work cells
  • =>Maintenance call stations
  • =>Broadcast studios

What makes one of the best tower light manufacturers in India?

JIGO is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier tower lights and various other electrical products in India. Our strong technical capabilities, commitment to innovation, and motivated and enthusiastic staff that is eager to promote our world-class products ensures a secure future and expanding market base. With a strong 300 dealer network throughout India, we have set the standards in Brand Loyalty, Services, Range of Products, Quality and Price.

We manufacture tower lights of voltage – DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, AC220V. The tower lights which we manufacture meet international standards and are manufactured using top-notch quality materials.

Highlighting The Benefits Of Tower Light

Best tower light - Jigo

It is absolutely necessary to decide what kind of light is to be used at the construction site which will provide the best possible lighting. One of the most popular choices is tower lights, it is a piece of very well-designed equipment which is very commonly used for lighting on construction sites but is also used for a variety of other applications.

Here are some of the benefits of using tower lights –

1. Easy to set up –Tower lights are very easy to erect. It can be set up very quickly which saves a significant amount of time.

2. Light reach – Tower lights are four times more powerful than tungsten bulbs. Tower lights are equipped with metal halide lights which emit strong lighting over a wide area, which easily covers the entire construction site.

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3. Portable – These lights are portable and can be easily transported from place to place. In fact, many of such lights are equipped with wheels which makes it easy to move it around. This makes it highly convenient for workers to move the lights when needed.

4. High Lighting – The best quality light towers can emit five times better light than stationary towers. Portable light towers also consume way less fuel than traditional lights. JIGO is one of the leading tower light manufacturers in India with a long reputation for manufacturing the best quality light towers.

5.  An additional source of power – Tower lights are used as an additional source of power on construction sites. There is absolutely no need for an additional generate on the site if there is a portable tower light.

If you are planning to purchase high-quality tower lights in India, JIGO is undoubtedly one of the best options. Over the past few years, JIGO has positioned itself to be one of the best tower lights manufacturer in the country.