8 Unconventional Uses Of Cable Ties You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

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We all know that cable ties are fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together to keep them organized and prevent damage. But it turns out that they are not as mundane as they seem.

There is an extensive list of applications for these inexpensive, versatile, and lightweight plastic or nylon strips that go far beyond cable management.

Having doubts? Take a look at some clever uses of a cable tie.

  • Childproofing your home – When there are kids coming over, you must secure your cabinets that contain dangerous items, like cleaning supplies, medicines, and knives. All you need to do is secure a cable tie between two adjacent knobs or handles to secure the cabinet doors, and snip them off and toss them in the trash to restore access to the cabinets when the young visitors go back home.
  • Unclogging a drain – Use a large zip tie to help fish hair out of a clogged drain. Use a cutting plier to snip diagonal notches along the sides of the zip tie. Then bend the slits to create a series of barbs. Feed the cable tie-down into the drain and move it up and down to loosen debris and pick up whatever is clogging the drain.
  • Garden Support – Some produce-heavy plants such as tomato, bougainvillea, snapdragons, and zucchini, need some extra help to stand upright by attaching them to the stake with cable ties so they don’t snap under the weight of their bounty. Remember to not tie the plant too tight, as it could accidentally strangle the plant. Also, be mindful to remove or adjust the ties as the plant grows.
  • Bouquet Bundles – To keep unruly bunches of flowers in place, secure them with cable ties before arranging them in a vase. Once you’ve arranged the flowers loosely loop a couple of ties around the stems being careful not to over-tighten the ties else they will compress or cut into the stalks.
  • Bubble Wand – You can use a large cable tie as a DIY bubble wand by making a small loop on the end and enjoy a bubble party with the kids.
  • Tie-Dye – The next time you tie-dye t-shirts, use cable ties in place of rubber bands. Cable ties don’t snap and the tightness of the tie guarantees that no color will seep through the folds or below the rubber band, destroying the design.
  • Zipper Fix – Not being able to wear your favorite zip-up sweatshirt or jeans because the zipper pull just snapped off. Loop a cable tie through space where the zipper pull used to be. You’re done!
  • Hanging temporary decorations –  Use cable ties to hang your string lights, garlands, and wreaths. You can even use them to secure lights around tree branches so you don’t have a mess of unruly wires to untangle later on. The best thing is that cable ties come in an array of colors so choose one that will complement the decor and its surrounding area.


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We hope the above information will encourage you to look at cable ties in a new light and get creative when using them.

We’d love to hear which cable tie hack surprised you the most and which one you’re looking forward to trying out.

All About Nylon Cable Ties – Types, Features And Benefits

All about Nylon Cable ties – Types, Features, and Benefits

What are Cable Ties used for?

Cable ties or Nylon cable ties are used as fasteners, which helps you to bundle your cables and wires together to keep them organized and hence preventing damages. Nylon Cable Ties come in different lengths, sizes, in form of different materials and colors. The use of cable ties varies across different industries, but what they all have in common is that they are the most effective way to manage your cables.

Nylon cable tie suppliers are now into producing various types of cable ties. Here, first we are going to show you the types of cable ties available in the market. Then we will dive deep into the world of Nylon cable ties and discover the amazing features and benefits that JIGO, the largest Nylon cable tie supplier in the market offers.   

Different types of Cable Ties are: 

  1. Standard cable ties – They are:
  • Self-locking.
  • Usually single use.
  • Are available in different colors.
  1. Releasable cable ties – They are:
  • Reusable.
  • Can be opened to add more ties.
  • Available in different colors.
  1. Screw mount cable ties – They are:
  • Ideal ties for fastening to metal or wooden panels.
  • Can be used for screwing and bolting down.
  1. Belt cable ties – They are:
  • Flexible design.
  • They have a quick-release mechanism.
  1. Marker cable ties – They are:
  • These are usually standard cable ties, but they have a tag to write on.

These are namely the 5 types of cable ties that are widely available in the Indian markets.

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Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon is the most common material that is used for cable ties. Nylon is widely accepted by Nylon Cable Tie suppliers because they are tough materials that possess good thermal and abrasion resistance. These ties also resist fuels and most chemicals. The grade Nylon 6/6, are often used cable ties, it meets YL94 V-2 flammability ratings and has a temperature range of working from -40-degree F to 185-degree F.

Nylon cable ties have the potential to stabilize heat for continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures up to 250-degree F. Nylon cable ties suppliers can also produce UV stabilized ties for outdoor uses. To give an example here, you can have the same nylon cable tie that is manufactured for different applications.

These ties are natural and can be used for indoor purposes, whereas Black UV stabilized Nylon cable ties are often used for outdoor purposes.


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Examples of Nylon Cable Ties are:

  1. Heat stabilized for standard cable ties.
  2. Beaded cable ties.
  3. Double-headed cable ties.
  4. Marker cable ties.

 Features of Nylon cable tie are as follows:

  1. They are recycled and recyclable.
  2. Nylon cable ties are durable.
  3. The process and materials that are used to make these Nylon cable ties are reviewed and approved by UL Environmental Agency.  

The benefits of using Nylon cable ties are:

  1. They help to reduce waste in landfills.
  2. They reduce reliance on virgin nylon which is derived from non-renewable petroleum.
  3. These ties increase the free time. They reduce daily clutter and keeps the items in storage neat and untangled.
  4. They are strong, they not only does help the environment but also produce a ductile strength of 50 pounds.

These are the listed features and benefits that are offered by the Nylon cable ties suppliers.

This blog presents an overview of Nylon cable ties, which includes the types of cable ties commonly available in the market, along with their features and benefits. For more information’s regarding cable ties please contact JIGO one of the leading Nylon cable tie supplier in India at https://jigoindia.com/.


Plastic Cable Ties Sizes And Their Uses

plastic cable ties sizes | Plastic Cable Ties Use

Whenever we think of plastic cable ties, we do not differentiate them into various categories. To some of us who do not have much knowledge, we perceive all those plastic ties as the same. All we know is, those are self-locking plastic strips. We do not think it through while choosing one. But, it turns out that cable ties differ based on features like materials, sizes, construction process, temperature ratings, etc. With different features, the applications of these plastic cable ties change too. Choose your plastic or nylon cable ties that are suitable for your application.

Why is buying the right size of Plastic Cable Ties important?

Nylon cable ties are used to tie the wires together that fulfil industrial and commercial demands helping in colour coding. If you do not know which size to buy, its usability will be lost in the course.

So, measuring the diameter would be helpful before choosing the most suitable cable ties for your type of application. Buying nylon cable ties slightly longer than the required one creates no fuss and length can be shortened anytime as per the nature of the applications.

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Here are some tips to choose the right size of plastic cable ties as per certain applications.

  • For household needs, 4.8 series plastic cable ties are the most used ones among so many variations. This size is standard and user-friendly too. This series of cable ties work best in its 4.8X300mm, being of the exact right size.

  • Width 9.0mm sized cable ties have high tensile strength and these are made for heavy-duty industrial work. The size range varies from 400-1200mm. The usage of such long nylon cable ties is high in the shipping manufacturing, mechanical, and oil pies sector.

  • For organising heavy-duty machinery, 12.0mm plastic cable ties are required that have a tensile strength of 114kgs.

How to use Plastic Cable Ties?

Every product is a solution to a problem. Plastic cable ties are no exception. Previously, the rope was used to tie things up both in households and heavy-duty work across industries. Plastic or nylon cable ties replace rope as it lasts long and protects corrosion. Cable ties provide self-locking, good insulation making them easy to operate.

These are designed to bind bundles of cables together or to fix them. It resists the cables from staying loosely scattered on the floor. Moreover, it has extensive usage in the packaging industry and our household too.

Manufacturers and suppliers of nylon cable ties are required to produce various sizes for different needs. The range varies from self-locking nylon ties, label nylon ties, buckle nylon ties, and many more.

The Ideal Cable Accessories Manufacturer In Kolkata

Cable Accessories Manufacturer

Supreme quality cable clips to nylon cable ties make Hirawant Electricals a trusted electric cable accessories manufacturer in Kolkata. Having imported quality products Jigo India has become a renowned brand of theirs. When it comes to such accessories they have been a pioneer since 1987.

Nylon cable ties have been deemed imported since they have been able to reflect its true benefits and convenience. Having 20+ Nylon cable ties models having their individual specifications ensures their diversity in terms of what electrical appliances are to be connected in and around the house. A piece of different equipment, a different type. All of which are available at the best price with Kolkata’s most trusted brand. Rest assured its one-piece construction ensures regular deliverability and durability. Its smooth round edges ensure the perfect trim in compliance with safety standards. Users can’t put a price on convenience and the simplicity involved in installing them. The tensile strength is industrial grade which prevents it from any damage, come any catastrophe.

Operators in and around Kolkata find them the swiftest to work with as their installation time is limited by its initial insertion phase. One may simply find them in stocked and loaded in the inventory of any electrician since its applications ranges from binding the wires ranging from that of computer peripherals to other heavy electronic items such as TVs and Air conditioning units. The range of lengths of these ties fall under the most precise criteria of this product.

They are user friendly and can operate in any given temperature (between -35C to 85C) making it all weather resilient and powerful to withstand any climate India has to offer in the age of climate change which directly and even indirectly impacts the longevity of the ties. Its tooth locking design and mechanism ensures delight in handing the product without any hindrance. Low threading force reduces operator energy and exhaustion. The colour can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the buyers willing to opt for it. Storage of such has been reduced to a bare minimum to enhance mobility. So one can easily bid farewell to the old hook and loop cable ties because the future is here.

Cable nail clips being sold at the best price having its applications with every single electronic equipment under the sun. They prevent wires from getting clustered and entangled with other wires so as to easily maintain them and ensure that they sustain for a longer period of time. 20+ Cable nail clip models can be found with regard to specific requirements and the lengths of wires in question to cater to the customer needs. Starting from indoor households to telephonic lines, these clips can be used for a variety of reasons and to ensure that tangle-free workspaces are not a dream but a reality in modern offices and industrial locations. Their weatherproof features prevent it from having any sort of damage or breakage which may hamper work or performance.

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