Revolving lights are used as a type of warning signal, which helps to stimulate a rotating or revolving effect. Revolving light offers several variations in lighting, denoting a specific phenomenon, situation, process, or status of a machine. Some of the most common colors include red, green, amber yellow, and blue. 


We at JIGO the leading manufacturer of automation revolving lights, offer you numerous features along with our trust, responsibility, innovative textures, and sustainability and support services, which makes us the most valued brand in the business. 


Feature of automation revolving light offered by JIGO mentioned below:


· Revolving lights at JIGO can get customized with a magnet and sound.

· They come along with circular chassis along with the fixed bottom, which makes installation much easier

· Material: Lens – PC, Body – ABS.

· The revolving lights of JIGO are certified.

· It provides a protection class of IP30.


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Showing all 10 results