An Overview Of Tower Lights

An overview of Tower Lights

Signal Tower Lights, also known as, indicator lights, warning lights, and on lights, industrial signal lights, etc. are very commonly used on various equipment in industrial manufacturing and process control environments as it serves as an indicator of a machine’s status and provides warning signals to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel. The purpose of these lights is to identify the errors as it happens.

Signal tower lights are generally columnar in structures and are available in a variety of shapes. A stack light will typically have up to 5 coloured segments to indicate any errors or on the machine or process. The colour combination is typically red, yellow, green, blue or clear white. The colours are either off, solid-on (continuous) or flashing.

The functions of these lights are –

  • =>RED: When there is a failure in the machine
  • =>YELLOW: Serves as a warning signal for over-temperature or over-pressure conditions
  • =>GREEN: Normal machine or process operation
  • =>BLUE: Indicates external help request, where an operator might be requesting for raw materials or maintenance assistance
  • =>WHITE: User command to a specific machine, often related to productivity monitoring

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Common Applications –

  • =>Productivity Monitoring
  • =>Lean manufacturing
  • =>Warning Indication/Machine fault
  • =>Assembly station work cells
  • =>Maintenance call stations
  • =>Broadcast studios

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