Elucidating The Types Of Proximity Sensors

Elucidating the types of proximity sensors

A proximity sensor is basically a sensor which is capable of detecting the presence of nearby objects without the need of any physical contact and then either take some action or just simply notify their presence or absence. They are used in a myriad range of industrial and manufacturing applications.

There are 5 types of proximity sensors which are widely used in many industries –

=> Inductive Proximity Sensor – This type of proximity sensor is used to detect the metallic object which is located next to their active slide. These sensors work on the principle of inductance where a current which fluctuating induces an electromotive force in the target.

=> Capacitive Proximity Sensor – These type of sensors are capable of detecting both metallic as well as a non-metallic object which can be in powder, liquid, granulate or even solid-state.

=> Optical Proximity Sensor – This kind of sensors can detect the light with the help of a light source. These sensors are capable of detecting the objects directly in front of them by detecting the sensor’s transmitted light reflected from the surface of an object.

=> Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor – These sensors release an ultrasonic pulse which is reflected by objects in the way and then the reflected wave enters the sonic cone. These sensors use sound waves to detect objects.

=> Magnetic Proximity Sensor – These sensors can only detect the magnetic field. Their target is a magnetic object. When the target enters the detection range of the sensor it triggers the switching process.

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