Why Does A Limit Switch Price Higher Than An Ordinary Proximity Switch?

limit switch price higher than an ordinary proximity switch

To be very honest to the question Yes! Limit switch price higher than that of ordinary proximity switch, however, limit switches are used in conjunction with a DC power supply where mechanical switches don’t need an external supply.

In order to get an extensive aspect of why limit switch price higher than proximity switch. You would first need to know the difference between the two switches, as listed down below. 

Difference between a Limit switch and a Proximity switch

  • => Proximity switches are non-contact switches. Limit switches are contact switches.
  • => Proximity switches have a long life and are suitable for passing objects. Whereas Limit switch has a relatively low life span, due to internal contacts.
  • => Proximity switches are used for two-way position detection. Limit switches are used for one-way position detection.
  • => A proximity switch is used to detect when an object passes a certain point. On the other hand, a limit switch is used for protection functions.
  • => Proximity switches or sensors are generally adopted to 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire, whereas limit switch usually has 1 NO +1 NC contacts, so they have fewer wires than proximity switch.

Now let’s look at the uses or applications provided by JIGO India a premier company in the field of electrical appliances and their advantages which makes limit switch price higher than that of ordinary proximity switches.  

Uses and application that makes limit switch price higher from other ordinary switches are as follows:

Limit switches have a wide range of uses and applications as follows:

  1. => They are used for product detection and count – A limit switch sends a signal to the control system when a product gets pushed against a limit switch. The concept of PLC ladder is used in this case of scenario, where the user can count the number of times the product gets pushed against the limit switch and thereby display the counter for the operator.
  1. => Used for personal safety – Limit switches are used to detect the opening of the safety guard machine. Here if the guards are opened during an operation a limit switch prevents it from running the operations and thereby helping to safeguard the operator from any kind of harm.
  1. => Provides safety to machines – A limit switch also saves and protects the machinery from any kind of unintentional damages. This includes numerous components like motor clutch, end of arm tool, apparatuses, and objects that might damage others if failed, such as gears, shafts, etc.

These are some of the important applications that lead to safety and security and thereby cause a rise in limit switch price.  

Advantages of a limit switch 

A limit switch offers their customers numerous advantages which are as follows:

  • => Designed with simplicity.
  • => Friendly with all industrial settings.
  • => Exhibits high accuracy and repeatability.
  • => They consume low power.
  • => Are used to switch multiple loads.
  • => Easy to install.


Limit switch prices being higher than that of ordinary proximity switch have several reasons in considerations which we have managed to list down above. We have presented you with the differences that a limit switch has with an ordinary proximity switch, we have shown you the uses and applications of a limit switch along with their benefits or advantages. If you want to know more about limit switch price or features and characteristics visit JIGO one of the leading manufacturers in India for limit switches.