What Is Junction Box? How Are Junction Boxes Used?

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An electrical junction box is a prime member of the electrical wiring network used at houses and buildings. The plastic or metal boxes shelter the electrical connections of a structure maintaining safety. A junction box has two defined sizes-

1. A three-wire box i.e. 2 by 3 inches with a depth of 2.5 inches.

2. Wire box for five or more wires measures 2 by 3 inches with a depth of 3.5 inches.

Now that you know, how a junction box is defined; let us talk about what it is used for.

The Power of an Electrical Junction Box

A junction box acts as the summit, where the electrical wires connect before continuing their path. These boxes have different colors of wires portraying different elements. Such as black for heat, white as a neutral channel, and copper or green wire for grounding the connection. Sometimes other wires are also seen, those usually have secondary properties and power the lighting.

Through the sub-panel or main electrical panel of the electrical junction box runs an enclosed Romex wire. A sheathed non-metallic electrical wire commonly known as Romex wire and generally it is used for wiring residential areas. The Romex wire is connected with the other wires then is dispersed to the other fixture boxes. The same sizes of the wire diameters or the wire gauges should be used for seamless performance.

The electrical junction box has to be installed correctly in compliance with the given building codes and must be covered. The cover will prevent moisture, dirt, and dust from entering the box.

Installation of an Electrical Junction Box

When you work with a junction box, make sure you are turning off the power. As you will be working with electricity it is better for you to stay under all measures of protection. Now that you are safe, make a hole that will serve as the passage for the wires. The Romex wire has to be secured with a cable clamp then cap wires inside the box with wire nuts.

JIGO recommends while installing an electrical junction box a new wire should be brought from the central electrical panel. Other than tapping off one of the existing electrical boxes, it is better to use a new one to prevent circuit overload.

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