Listing The Aspects Of Stainless-Steel Cable Ties

Listing the aspects of stainless-steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties are used as snaps, that are used to bundle up cable wires together to keep them organized and thereby preventing them from any damages. Stainless steel cable ties provide a superior and high ductile strength, and they are made for steel which offers corrosion-resistant properties. Their unique and self-locking mechanism provides the user with easy and hassle-free security in locking. 


JIGO the leading manufacturer of stainless steel cable ties produces ties that are capable of supporting greater loads than nylon or plastic cable ties. Stainless steel cable ties provide a smooth texture on both sides, JIGO overcomes the difficulty of handling the stainless-steel cable ties by texturing the ridged edges or surface in them. Stainless steel cable ties are commonly used in industries that work upon mining, pulping, and chemical plants. These ties are designed in a manner that makes them easily installable, low profile, along with a self-locking ball bearing head. 

Features of Stainless-Steel Cable Ties in General

Stainless-Steel cable ties offer their customers prolific features as follows:

  • => They produce a high tensile strength.
  • => These ties are resistant to any weather conditions.
  • => They also provide resistance to a large number of aggressive chemicals.
  • => The material used while manufacturing stainless-steel cable ties consists of stainless-steel grade 304 or 316.
  • => This benefits them in being corrosion resistant.
  • => Stainless steel cable ties are anti-magnetic in nature.
  • => They are UV resistant.
  • => These ties are incombustible therefore also provide resistance against fire.
  • => These cable ties can operate at temperatures ranging from (-80 degree C to +538 degree C)
  • => Provides with the maximum degree of hardness that is (VPN) 190.

There is a list of prolific features that stainless-steel cable ties offer to their customers.


Specifications offered by JIGO the leading manufacturers of stainless steel cable ties are as follows:

The material used – Stainless steel type – 304 grade

Temperature ranges – 80 degree C to 500 degrees C

 Stainless steel cable ties with a unique self-locking mechanism, which allows easy and quick access.

High ductile strength with incombustible properties.

Resistant to Acetic acid, Sulphuric acid, Corrosion, etc.

Resistant to most hostile environments.

Now, let look at the models and their specifications offered by JIGO the leading manufacturer in the world of stainless-steel cable ties.

Model & Specifications: 

  1. => JG – 200 * 4.8 S – SS Ties length to 200 mm and width to 4.8 mm.
  2. => JG – 250 * 4.8 S – SS Ties length to 250 mm and width to 4.8 mm.
  3. => JG – 300 * 4.8 S – SS Ties length to 300 mm and width to 4.8 mm.
  4. => JG – 400 * 4.8 S – SS Ties length to 400 mm and width to 4.8 mm.

There is a list of four products offered by JIGO the leading manufacturers of stainless steel cable ties.


JIGO the leading manufacturers of stainless steel cable ties has been a constant companion in producing the best quality cable ties. This blog gives an overview of the features of stainless-steel cable ties in general and shows the specification along with the types offered by JIGO. For more information regarding stainless-steel cable tiespay a visit to JIGO at