4 Commonly Asked Questions And Answers About A Saddle Clip

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Saddle clips, variously called butterfly clips, M-clips or grating clips are new in the market. Being a saddle clip manufacturer and supplier ourselves, we frequently get to hear these questions from our clients. So we thought why not address all of them in a blog.

Let’s proceed to the questionnaire and answer each of them one by one.

What does a Saddle Clip do?

They are used on installations where the grating is subject to frequent removal and replacement. Saddle clips are used as a grating fastener to attach the grating securely and easily to the steel structures, without the need for dangerous drilling or welding.

What is a saddle clip made up of?

Saddle clips are constructed from premium quality welded steel and pressure-locked aluminum or steel grating with bearing bars. The saddle clip’s sturdy construction ensures that it possesses good corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, and durability.

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Who is/are the leading saddle clip manufacturer and supplier in India?

Ferrotech, Gratemetal, and Jigo are among the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of saddle clips. Their products meet the highest standard of the most sophisticated client.

What are the advantages of using a Saddle Clip?

They are best suited in industrial environments where drilling and welding are not permitted. Since there are no special permissions required, installing a saddle clip does not lead to any stoppage of work which in turn saves time and money. Saddle clips are quite easy to install and their uncomplicated design facilitates seamless insertion instantaneously by using simple hand tools like a flat head screwdriver. Last but not the least, a saddle clip can easily be removed, allowing the grating to be re-positioned or removed for maintenance purposes.

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The Specialty Of Saddle Clip And Variety In It’s Kind

Saddle Clip India - Jigo India

A Saddle Clip is used for anchoring welded steel, steel grating, or pressure-locked aluminum. Places, where the grating is frequently being removed, are ideal for saddle clip installation. These are essential for holding metal strongly so that while welding or grating stays fixed in one place.

The metal has to be held still as if it is unstable; the risk of making mistakes will be higher. When metal elements are worked upon it tends to vibrate due to resonance, and it being perfectly still is necessary or it might spoil the work. This product is not to be underestimated as these little steel clips ensure perfection. There are different features and benefits of saddle clips, let’s have a look.

Various Features and Benefits of Saddle Clip 

As I mentioned in the introduction, a saddle clip is a very useful tool, that helps to keep a pipe stagnant in its position.

  1. The bolt holes can distort while forming, but the .281” diameter pin can pass through the .312” hole while a .328” pin passes through .343” hole.
  2. In order for grating with bearing bars at 15/16″ (.937) & 1-3/16″ (1.188) respective centers.
  3. It uses galvanized steel or zinc-plated clips for use in applications that cater to the aluminum grating.

The saddle clips come in different sizes and diameters for holding different kinds of metals.

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The different sizes of a Saddle Clip 

There obviously are different types of saddle clips manufactured for convenience of work. These generally have different finishes, gages, diameters of bolt holes, radiuses of the base to tops, and center to centers.

  1. 1. SC-2074 series are available in both galvanized and plain materials with 0.5 radium and varying gage, center to center, and diameters.
  2. 2. SC-1074 series come in 0.625 radii and have different material finishes such as zinc plating, galvanized, and plain products. Similarly, the center to center, diameter, and gages of different products are varying.
  1. 3. SC-1104 series come in different finishes same as the other categories, i.e. plain, zinc plating, and galvanizing. These products offer a radius of 0.625 and have a variety in gages, diameters, and center to centers.

All these products have at least 5 variations under each series and offer a unique set of applications depending on your requirement.

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How to Choose a Saddle Clip Manufacturer and Supplier 

When you are purchasing a saddle clip you need to make sure that the product you are buying is the absolute solution for your requirement. Therefore, when you buy a saddle clip, always check it’s quality and make sure it is used for the reason you will bruise it.

For example, JiGo is a leading Saddle Clip Manufacturer and Supplier for ages and knows how to manufacture each product that can fit perfectly in your business. So, you need to find a company that is reliable and has been manufacturing items for industrial purposes. With this, you can ensure the product that you purchase lasts long and is the only solution for the task you have at hand.