An Overview Of Cable Clips

An overview of cable clips

It is needless to mention that without cables it is quite impossible to run a household or an industry. Here is an example, in an average household, you will see that cables are running between television sets, desktops, speakers, etc. Coming to industrial and business settings, you will see bundles of cables running behind computers, printers, telephones and other electronic devices.

The primary purpose of cables is to enable smooth communication and signal transmission. Cables are essential components of transmission devices, multi-point and single-ended networks. Without cables, the operation would be absolutely impossible in various sectors like electrical, factory automation, natural gas production, refining and petrochemical, steel, pulp and paper, power and solar generation.

What is the Cable Clip?

As you already know, there are a lot of cables which are used in various industrial and business settings, it is necessary to keep them organized to prevent any interruptions and obstructions. Cable clips are used to keep the lengthy cables in an organized way and in proper order. There is a wide range of cable clips available to manage cables of various shapes and sizes.

How does cable clip work?

There is two primary purpose of cable clips – To gather the cables in one place safely and securely and for holding the entire bundle in one space. Cable clips are available in forms like –

Types of cable clips

Self-adhesive cable clips – Self-adhesive cable clips are hassle-free to mount as they do not require nailing or pinning in place. All you have to do is simply peel off a layer of backing to get a strong sticky surface which will allow you to affix the clips to a particular surface very quickly.

Nail cable clips – Nail cable clips, also called wall clips, which consist of a nail or pin within the outer housing. Nail-in cable clips are widely used in both professional and DIY jobs.

Screw-in cable clips – These type of clips are hard-wearing and can easily manage thicker gauges of wiring and tubing.

Round cable clips – Round cable clips are a very common and widely used in homes and workplaces all over the world.

Coaxial cable clips – Coaxial cable clips are widely used in home entertainment system and stereo wiring, along with telephone and internet cables.


The ideal size of cable clip for any particular job largely depends on the thickness of wire, tubing or conduit to run through it. JIGO is one of the leading cable clip manufacturers in India known for manufacturing and supplying superior quality cable clips.